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    June 2024

    PRIDE! Our Story

    An LGBTQ+ museum exhibit created for Pride 2024. This multi-component exhibit offers an insightful exploration of the individuals, groups, and events that paved the way for the LGBTQ+ movement in the United States.

    Project Type: Exhibit/Large Scale Design

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    Barbie Pop-up Exhibit

    In celebration Barbie’s 65th birthday, Northport Historical Society curated a Barbie pop-up exhibit featuring dolls and fashions from local collectors. The project required designing multiple timelines illustrating Barbie’s evolution, large-scale backgrounds for display cases, a photo wall, and cards which included each of collector’s personal statements.
    Project Type: Exhibit Design, Large Scale
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    PRIDE! Pop-up Exhibit

    In 2023 I was asked to guest curate the Northport Historical Society's first LGBT+ exhibit as part of the town-wide Pride month festivities. My exhibit, PRIDE!, utilized original designs to explore the history of the LGBT+ movement in the U.S. and Northport, NY.
    Project Type: Exhibit Design, Large Scale
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    Mobile Medical Testing Website

    The idea behind creating this mobile medical testing website was to facilitate scheduling appointments online. I built a website that is easily accessible whether on a computer or mobile device and offers extensive information about the testing process and facility.
    Project Type: Web Design, Mobile Design
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    Emergency Phone App (Concept)

    Designed for emergency situations with limited or slow phone service, this app works offline. The intended user is someone who lives/works in a skyscraper. Opening the app brings up the location of a designated meeting spot, emergency contacts and offline map.

    Project Type: App Concept, Mobile Design

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    DOW Competition Booklet

    This booklet was created for a world-wide competition hosted by DOW. By utilizing the competition packet’s information and brand kit, I crafted a twenty-page booklet with my own distinct layout and design.
    Project Type: Print Design, Corporate
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    Samsung Contest Website

    A multi-page website for Samsung’s Solve For Tomorrow education contest. The design included the creation of visually attractive maps and project pages that showcased each contestant’s entry.

    Project Type: Web Design, Corporate

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    Member Mailing Packet

    This membership welcome packet was created for and distributed to business members of the Northport Historical Society. The packet comprised a personalized welcome letter with membership card, events calendar, donation information, a membership sticker for their business window, and an ornament. A new envelope design was used to mail the packet.
    Project Type: Print Design, Mass Mailing
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    Commercial Coffee Table Book

    I developed a series of coffee table books called Photos from the Field for a tech startup which featured unique photos taken by the company’s field techs while surveying abandoned office spaces in/around New York City. The project involved designing covers, arranging layouts, selecting fonts, and writing/formatting copy for each book.

    Project Type: Print Design, Book Layout/Design

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    User Guide Reference Card

    User guides may not be the most exciting design projects, but that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. I designed this card with bold colors and elegant fonts, allowing users to focus on figuring out how to use the software rather than the accompanying guide.

    Project Type: Print Design, User Guide

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    Resume + Portfolio Booklet

    A conveniently sized portfolio booklet that takes the information of a traditional resume and displays it alongside vibrant project photos. Featuring a clean, modern design with plenty of space for project case studies, client testimonials and more, this handy template is the optimal resource for any creative.

    Project Type: Print Design, Booklet, Resume

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    Star Wars Bullet Card

    Productivity takes a trip to a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars Bullet Card. Designed for fans of the series, this double-sided card easily fits inside notebooks and mimics R2-D2 on the front with BB-8 on the back to help newcomers to the popular note taking method become productivity Jedi.

    Project Type: Print Design, Bullet Journal

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    Dollar ReDe$ign Project (Contest)

    A bold redesign of American currency featuring colored notes for each denomination and a smaller size to prevent unnecessary folding and tearing. Each note showcases an inspiring moment in U.S. history with a corresponding portrait of notable figures against a windswept American flag.
    Project Type: Print Design, Contest
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    Resume Swatches

    A twist on the traditional resume/portfolio straight from the design world. This set of cardstock-printed swatches features color-coded pages to showcase different sections of information and is corner-bound with an eyelet. The packet easily fits within a business envelope or small folder as a unique leave behind for prospective employers or clients.
    Project Type: Print Design, Resume

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