Hi, I'm John.
A New York based freelancer who specializes in print & web design, marketing collateral and creative assets.


Star Wars Bullet Card

Productivity takes a trip to a galaxy far, far away with the Star Wars Bullet Card. Designed for fans of the series, this double-sided card easily fits inside notebooks and mimics R2-D2 on the front with BB-8 on the back to help newcomers to the popular note taking method become productivity Jedi.

Resume + Portfolio Booklet

A conveniently sized portfolio booklet that takes the information of a traditional resume and displays it alongside vibrant project photos. Featuring a clean, modern design with plenty of space for project case studies, client testimonials and more, this handy template is the optimal resource for any creative.

Dollar Rede$ign Project

A bold redesign of American currency featuring colored notes for each denomination and a smaller size to prevent unnecessary folding and tearing. Each note showcases an inspiring moment in U.S. history with a corresponding portrait of notable figures against a windswept American flag.

Resume Swatches

A twist on the traditional resume/portfolio straight from the design world. This set of cardstock-printed swatches features colored-coded pages to showcase different sections of information and is corner-bound with an eyelet. The packet easily fits within a business envelope or small folder as a unique leave behind for clients.



    Web Design

    Websites, Graphics & Infographics

    My web designs have been utilized by Samsung, Con Edison, and more.

    Print Design

    Booklets, Brochures & White Papers

    I've designed materials for DOW, Non-Profits, and Small Businesses.

    & Beyond

    Logos, Posters, Mock-ups, Videos & More

    There are times when a project goes beyond web or paper.


    As a creative consultant, I’ve helped non-profit organizations, small businesses, startups and individuals organize, design and successfully implement marketing strategies. I have vast experience producing content for company social media pages, including developing marketing calendars, posting schedules, and designing visually appealing brand pages. I also produce marketing collateral ranging from company newsletters, one-page information sheets, booklets, posters, and more.

    I hold a Master of Arts in Communications, however, most of my design skills are self-taught through years of practice and training. In addition, I’ve taken part in several design competitions as well as created an array of productivity tools for individuals.

    Writing is my passion and, for the last five years, I have been working on my first novel series. In taking on this ambitious endeavor, I created a pen name for myself, established an author website where I offered writing advice and downloadable tools, developed a social media strategy for my writing persona and networked at writing conferences. The first book in the series is scheduled to be released mid-2022 under my pen name.

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