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The Bullet Journal’s approach to organizing everyday tasks has taken the internet, and productivity addicts, by storm. However, implementing this routine into your everyday life requires several visits to the creator’s website…enter the Bullet Journal Reference Card!

I originally created this handy, double-sided reference card to help the Bullet Journal-ers on their journey to better productivity. It was downloaded over 500 times and widely shared across Twitter, Facebook, Behance and Reddit.

The Bullet Journal Reference Cards are no longer available. Thank you to everyone who wanted to Share the Productivity!

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Full Of Useful Features!

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    Categories for Easy Reference

    Use categories (Getting Started, Rapid Logging, Tracking, Organizing) to help you quickly find what you need.

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    Full Descriptions

    Don’t let the size fool you, all the descriptions, symbols and steps necessary to effectively implement this system are included on the card (along with some new ones).

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    Visually Appealing

    This card features a flat design with simple colors and a logo which was uniquely designed for this card only!

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    The Perfect Companion

    The reference card fits within the folder pocket of a 5 x 8 Moleskine Squared notebook, which is the preferred notebook to use with the Bullet Journal system.

Star Wars Edition Card

Awaken the Productivity

My Bullet Journal Reference Card takes productivity to a new level with a unique Star Wars design featuring familiar droids R2D2 and BB8. I revised the logo, utilizing a font similar to the Star Wars logo, and utilized shapes and text to mimic the “faces” of the droids. The droid design continues through out the card with a flat design and colors specific to each character.

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Thank you for your interest in my Bullet Journal Reference Card; however, due to violations of the Creative Commons License, The Bullet Journal Reference Card is no longer available for download.

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